Monday, December 19, 2011

Seattle Weekly Holiday Gift Guide.

Found out last week that my Silver Rivet Necklace was featured in the Seattle Weekly's Holiday Gift Guide in the Nov. 30 - Dec. 6 edition! Here's the digital issue!

You can find the necklace at Paper Hammer's online shop as well as the brick and mortar store in downtown Seattle.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I recently heard about Krampus the Christmas demon. He's the dark companion of St. Nicholas and his job is carrying off bad children in sacks to devour. It's a tradition in Austria and northern Italy for people to dress up and parade through the streets as Krampus, scaring kids and amusing onlookers! I love this! Wish I could participate. How ridiculously fun it would be to rattle some chains and lurch around with giant goat horns and furry cloaks!

There's a great website called that has some great vintage images of our jolly Christmas demon. Here are my favorites:

The snowman's face makes me laugh.
Oh la la, what is this- an assignation with the Krampus? 

Bathing... the Krampus? What? The indignity.

The kid: "This horse is NOT big enough for the both of us."
Krampus: "Wheeeeee! Giddy-up!"

I think this is the same guy who was getting washed by the little girl. He's been through a lot, okay.

Be good, everyone, and have a happy holidays!