Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer jaunts.

A summer packed to the brim! Too many memorable moments to share... some of which were experienced sans camera (like watching the family of freshwater otters eating breakfast and playing in the lake next to my Orcas Island campsite one morning. Absolutely spellbinding- so much so that I couldn't bear to leave to get my camera.)

 But excuses don't make blog posts! So here are a few that I did manage to capture-

Bagpipers in full regalia in Port Townsend:

Hanging out with my sister, Valli, on giant piles of driftwood:

And also on mountaintops:

Delightful naps on a secluded dock, with the sun warming me right into the bones:
My sister took this!
Corgis and other adorable pups at the Highland Games in Enumclaw! I almost passed out from the excitement of seeing so many cute dogs everywhere.

Picking 14 pounds of raspberries with Rob and Valli:

And the summer's not over yet. Rob and I are off to Iceland and Scotland for two weeks starting Tuesday, so I'll be back totally stuffed with inspiration. Castles! Windswept highlands! Stark volcanic landscapes! Steaming natural hot springs! 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Custom Double Heater Shield ring.

Made my Double Heater Shield ring in sterling silver last week at the request of a customer. I fell in love with the glow of the silver - like moonlight on sequins! Don't know why I didn't make a silver version earlier...

See for yourself!

You can find it at my Etsy shop.