Wednesday, April 10, 2013


A BIG thank you to Le Dandysme for the thoughtful review of "Catch and Release"!

Being an artist is often such a solitary activity; sometimes I feel like a naked mole rat- all pale and socially awkward from being holed up all the time. It's nice to get feedback from people about the weird things I make.

One of the things I did with this body of work was try to get people to overcome their initial disgust of the hairy material by creating lots of details nestled in the pieces, so that one would have to get in close to see the whole picture. That's why I really liked this part of the review:

"The collar’s clasp is pierced with the image of a flea, the opposing side, a cluster of flea eggs. The hair from which the collar is made feels scratchier, the pedestal is messy with loose bits of hair, and the urge to take a step back becomes stronger... Her craft is immaculate, all of the pieces exquisitely detailed, especially on their reverse sides."

The physical body is such a ghostly presence in these pieces, since they're not fully complete until someone is wearing them, performing in them. The experience of wearing them and other people's reactions to the wearer is an important part of the pieces. I'm planning a photoshoot soon- so watch this space!