Monday, June 27, 2011

Orcas Islanding

Just returned from a sunshine-filled two-day trip to Orcas Island. We stayed at Deer Harbor Inn (which came with wonderful free food, due to our Living Social coupon. A bottle of Pinot Gris, cheese and crackers, a pair of boxed lunches with gorgeous house-smoked wild salmon and a breakfast spread.) 

View from inside the Orcas Hotel, built in 1904. A brochure claimed connections to bootleggers, outlaws and a ghost.
 Bought a pretty, round-bellied mug from Orcas Island Pottery, a gallery/garden by the sea showcasing handmade ceramic goodies. And guarded by two handsome cats named Max and Duke.

One of several cabins filled with cups and plates and bowls for sale.
There was a treehouse!
View into the backyard from the treehouse.
Rob bought one of these. 
Gnarled driftwood.
Wooden swing!

We stopped at a self-serve farm stand and picked up some fresh goat chevre, a rolling pin and A CAST IRON COFFEE TABLE. The thing is a tad ridiculous, but so full of character.


  1. A cast iron coffee table??? That thing must weigh a ton!!! Looking at your pics was like taking a mini-vacation. Thanks.

  2. Oh it's a beast! The thing is still in the trunk of the car because we're still trying to muster up the courage to haul it into our apartment.

    Glad you enjoyed the pics. It's such a beautiful place that pictures are bound to turn out well.