Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"What's a weekend?"

Rob and I have been thoroughly enjoying the delightful Edwardian miniseries Downton Abbey. Fine acting (Dame Maggie Smith should win everything), gorgeous sets and locations, complex characters and the most eye-pleasing costumes. Serious eye-candy for a fan of Edwardian era women's clothing.

I'll take the striped frock, please. 
And one of these, too. Sybil's Ballets Russes inspired harem pant jumpsuit. 
Beautiful, beautiful seafoam green chiffony confection.

Top hat with a barely-there veil and tailored riding habit. UGH, so debonair.

Perfect blouse. I would wear this everyday.

Velvet collar and cuffs and a blue hat with feathers!
Lacy collar goodness. 
The decorative trim on the neckline was so gorgeous onscreen.

I really need to go comb through some vintage shops for some lacy bits of prettiness...

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