Monday, August 29, 2011

Mighty Tieton

Rob and I went to Tieton this weekend to check out this exhibition, where I have a piece on display. There were lots of interesting pieces to see, in all different mediums and styles, so be sure to check it out if you're going to central Washington sometime this month!

The old warehouse turned gallery space, artist studios and printmaking center!
Another reason to head out to Tieton: apples and peaches and pears, oh my! These vintage fruit ads were part of another exhibition about American journey stories and the history of Tieton.
We also caught the last day of the Highland Community Days celebration and finally checked out the bookbinding and letterpress studio where all the products are made for the downtown Paper Hammer store (ahem, which I manage).

Catalogs for the 10x10x10 exhibition after gluing and binding!

A stack of blank notebooks (a custom order)

Handset type 

Book stitching machine! So beautiful.

The smaller paper cutter.

Donkey rides for kids for $5!
Then we drove out to the Wilridge Winery where Rob had a little taste of the wine and I took pictures:

Hawthorn tree!

Swing under the hawthorn tree!

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