Monday, September 26, 2011

What is like ice but burns like fire?

I have been watching Puccini's last opera "Turandot" on youtube and it's great fun! This particular production was filmed in the Forbidden City in Beijing and was stage directed by Zhang Yimou, probably the most famous director in China. 

The story is about a cold and clever Chinese princess named Turandot who has decreed that she will marry no man but one who can answer her three riddles. If they fail, off with their heads. Of course, there's a prince who wants to win her and a maidservant who loves the prince, who sacrifices herself so he can be with Turandot. The princess herself is not even in the first half of the opera (other than for one imperious flick of a hand) but the pageantry and cruelty surrounding her makes me wonder about her character. Obviously she's supposed to be this inscrutable, villainous bitch, but why would she create such a terrible trial for her suitors? Maybe she just really doesn't want to get married.

I was also reminded of Antonio Marras' Fall/Winter 2006 collection for Kenzo, one of my favorites in terms of how I'd like to dress myself on a daily basis. Marras was inspired by "Turandot" and the clothes are so tactile and richly colored and lush. I actually tried on a sweater with that rose print at the Kenzo store in Paris and it was the coziest, softest thing. 

Can I just... put my face in that velvet?

I just want everything here. Everything.


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