Friday, February 3, 2012

Violet, blue, green.

One of my favorite things is going to this international grocery store called HT Oaktree Market and picking up all the Chinese snacks I used to eat growing up. White Rabbit brand milk candy, salted plums, cold sweet bean soup in tin cans that have a foldable plastic spoon in the lid, rice crackers and sultana biscuits. But since HT Market also carries a variety of delicious snacks from other countries, I've been experimenting with some new treats. One of the best I've tried is this delicious Filipino candy (labeled as Toasted Wheat Cake on the package):


Aren't they pretty? The green one is screwpine and coconut flavored and the purple is yam. They have a buttery, powdery texture, similar to halvah and shortbread. Tastes so good with green tea! There are also mango and melon flavored ones that I haven't sampled yet.

Rob and I got some flowers the other day on a whim - blue thistle and some pretty little yellow blossoms. Most flowers lose their freshness so quickly but these are staying quite perky even after several days.

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