Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nose inspiration.

Inspiration usually conks me on the head when I'm immersed in a good book or ogling interesting things from the past. However, a couple days ago, inspiration literally wafted over to me. A rather ripe smelling gentleman sat down next to me on a bus packed full with wet passengers (a common occurrence in rainy Seattle) and I silently  and desperately wished I had something sweet-scented to hold against my nose. 

Lightbulb moment! 

I've always admired the forms of historical pomanders, but the reasons for their former popularity have been rendered kind of silly and anachronistic in this day and age. After all, we know now that illness is not caused by bad smells and evil vapors in the air. And modern standards of personal hygiene have mostly made it unnecessary to guard one's nose from other people's (ahem) peculiar aromas. 

But who cares? Pomanders are so cool-looking and there will always be situations in which one would be glad to covertly take a whiff of something heavenly. So I'm in the middle of designing my own pomander- something simple, elegant and sized for portability. And affordable!

For now, I'll share some images of beautiful old pomanders.

16th century English pomander, found in the Thames. Now at the British Museum.
16th century, Italy.
16th century, Germany. LOVE the ornamental screw on top.
Early 17th century, Germany. Love the little knob closures.

Very rare book shaped pomander! Engraved with a little mouse! So cute.

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