Saturday, November 20, 2010

A one-day impression of Hong Kong

I had an amazing time in Hong Kong, even though I had only one day to wander around.  Love the two contrasting but complementary faces of Hong Kong, with its bright, bustling shopping areas filled with luxury stores and covetable objects and its cheerful public parks filled with old ladies and red-cheeked children.  Its diversity and vibrancy were impressive.

In Kowloon Park, I walked by a large group of people watching a martial arts showcase as well as large groups of veiled Muslim ladies laughing and lunching merrily on the grass.  Perhaps they just finished a service at the mosque right outside the park?  The public pier was also being put to good use on a Sunday afternoon, where a break-dancing competition, a singing competition and an arts and crafts fair were happening at the same time.  That isn't to say that the dancing, singing and crafts were all quality, but it was a jolly atmosphere and everyone seemed to be enjoying the sunshine and the gorgeous water views.

At a store called Kinji, I discovered a lovely Italian gold and micro-mosaic ring that made my heart palpitate and my stomach clench a little in joy.  It looked old but in perfect condition.  "Could it be from the Renaissance?" I asked.  To my surprise, it was made by Le Sibille, a collective of three Italian women, one archaeologist who designs and two goldsmiths who create the pieces.  Like me, they are inspired by historical techniques and materials and are creating their vision of the past for women now.   

I wish the pictures on their website were larger, but it's still worth a look to see some unique jewelry.  Check out their website here!    

a necklace by Le Sibille

the ring that caught my eye

mmm... lapis lazuli... my favorite!

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