Saturday, December 18, 2010

Maisie Broadhead's Jewellery depicted

I just read about the most amazing artist, Maisie Broadhead, who is a trained goldsmith making pieces of jewelry to use in photographic spoofs of old paintings that incorporate jewelry.  Her photos are fun in themselves because of how closely they echo the originals but with the inclusion of purposeful little anachronisms.  Like a portrait of a diamond dealer who has a Macbook at his side instead of a jewelry case and the "portrait of a gentlewoman" clutching yellow rubber gloves instead of white kid leather ones.

Portrait of a Diamond Dealer

Broadhead's Diamond Geezer

Portrait of a Gentleman by Hans Eworth

Broadhead's English Gentlewoman
The best part is that she makes all the jewelry that goes into her intricately staged tableaux, altering them to create a photographic illusion or changing what the jewelry originally signified by changing the jewelry itself.  Like replacing 2/3 of the beads of a candy necklace with silver beads:

Keep Them Sweet
 And here's the original, titled Allegory of Wealth by Simone Vouet:

In Presentation at a Group Crit, a brooch with a huge stone is being offered up for scrutiny.

But the real brooch used in this photo actually looks like this, with the stone on an elongated setting to make it look much larger to the camera:

Here's the original Presentation of a Medallion by Caspar Netscher.

So clever!  More cool pieces on her website:

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