Monday, December 13, 2010

MLoH #4

1.  Delicious kale dishes.  Kale is always in my CSA box in winter.  I'll probably be completely sick of it by the end of January, but right now it's still quite welcome on my plate.

Rob made this yesterday for breakfast.  
2.  Aural joy.

Fiona Apple's Red Red Red

Blonde Redhead's Oslo.

3.  My sleepy cat Louis XIV.

4.  Catching up with two excellent lasses I hadn't seen in a long time.  I worked with the gorgeous and whipsmart Jessica for almost a year.  And Angie owns Lamb's Ear Shoes, which is an amazing shoe store filled with beautiful and cleverly designed shoes and accessories.  She carries the best Rachel Comey shoes.  WAANT. 

5.  Purplish red lipstain and gray nail polish.  Makes me look like the goth girl I wanted to be but never was in high school.

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