Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jeanne Hébuterne

I was digging around recently, reading about Modigliani and found this gorgeous picture of his lover and frequent model, Jeanne Hébuterne. She killed herself at age 22, two days after Modigliani died of meningitis. It always makes me a bit uncomfortable thinking about all the talented and passionate people in the world who are full of potential but somehow get derailed from greatness because of personal or social circumstances. Jeanne was an artist herself, but she left so little behind. 
Portrait of Modigliani by Jeanne Hébuterne
There's an article on ESPN about a 14-year-old Ugandan girl who has a natural-born talent for chess here. It's a moving story that hasn't finished unfolding, because she still has a lot to learn and do in the chess world. Unfortunately, her ability to afford to continue competing in international chess tournaments is also still uncertain. I hope that someone will sponsor her... It is so easy for brilliance to go unnoticed.                

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