Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday LoH #7

1.  The little butt wiggle my cat does before he pounces on ribbons.  Actually, my cat playing with ribbons, period, is one of my favorite things to watch.  Like a dog, he'll bring the ribbon to me in his mouth, drop it on the ground and gaze meaningfully at me.  Sometimes he meows plaintively, as if to chide me for having the insensitivity and audacity to not play with him. 

2.  Playing with quartz!  I bought some raw pieces and they are rough and full of beautiful inclusions.  There's something very satisfying and daring about uncut stones.  Because I sometimes love symmetry to a fault, I think they'll force me to be a little less uptight in my design.  I want to use stones in a way that de-emphasizes their preciousness and their ability to hog the limelight.

3.  The Rancho Bravo taco truck in Wallingford.  I can't believe how delicious a little bit o' pork with a little bit o' onion and radish and lime juice on a corn tortilla can be.  And for only $2!  So amazing.  Their tamales are also ridiculously good, with the cornmeal soaked through with flavorful meaty juices.  

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